Pick Up & Transportation Boston, MA

ACB can provide transportation of surplus electronic equipment in ACB-owned vehicles with ACB-employee drivers. Alternatively, a client can provide transportation to ACB’s facility in its own vehicles. In some cases, ACB arranges transportation through a third party. In all cases in which transportation is provided or arranged by ACB, vehicles and drivers are fully compliant with applicable state and US. DOT regulations.

ACB Transportation
ACB owns and operates two 26-foot “dry van” box vehicles. Under current regulations, no special permit or documentation is required to transport used electronic equipment in five of the six states where ACB now provides transportation services (Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New York). In the State of Maine, an EPA identification number is required, and a transporter of used CRTs must also provide a spill control plan and spill management materials on board each vehicle operating in the state. Maine also requires that each shipment that includes CRTs must be accompanied by a “Recyclable Hazardous Material Uniform Bill of Lading.” ACB is fully compliant with these State of Maine requirements.

Client Transportation

ACB will receive at its dock door materials that are brought to the ACB facility by clients or by third parties under contract to ACB clients. In this case it is incumbent on the generator to assure that vehicles and drivers are fully compliant with all permitting and licensing requirements, and that each shipment is accompanied by any required generator-supplied paperwork (such as the Maine Recyclable Hazardous Material Uniform Bill of Lading).

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