Computer & Electronics Recycling Cambridge, MA

Cambridge, Massachusetts is known for many things, but most importantly it is known for its prestigious universities and for being the technology center of New England. Between the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University and the Microsoft New England Research and Development Center, this part of the greater Boston Area relies heavily on computers and other electronics to remain on the cutting edge of technology. The rate at which technology is growing, many computers get outdated within a matter of a year or two. What are you to do with all of your old equipment at these large universities and companies?

ACB Recovery is here to make sure that you don’t waste your old equipment and to make sure that you get paid for it too! We provide pickup service to Cambridge, MA and we can work with your schedule to make this process seamless.  Call us today to learn more about how our process works and to learn how you can make money with your old Computers and Electronics!


Make ACB Recovery Your Go-To Recycler!

Times are tough for many business owners. One of the last things that’s on a business owners mind is worrying about recycling their business’s waste in an environmentally safe manner. Not that they don’t care, just because it slips their mind when worrying about their business’s daily operation. Allow Allied Computer Brokers to become your go-to recycler and we will let you focus on your business and improving its success. Contact Allied representative today to develop a customized recycling solution that fits your needs and your schedule!

ACB Recovery Massachusetts Recycling

ACB Recovery Massachusetts Recycling

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Hospital Cleanouts and Recycling in Massachusetts – Boston

ACB Recovery offers services to all sorts of business in Massachusetts. Hospitals are a vital part of all our lives and they need to constantly be updating their technology and equipment. ACB Recovery partners with many Hospitals in Eastern Massachusetts and we know how to work with the busy Hospital schedules. We can take care of all of your old equipment and make sure that it gets recycled properly and responsibly. Call ACB Recovery today to learn more about our services!

Proper Electrionic Computer Recycling Boston, MA

ACB provides comprehensive recycling services for all types of electronic equipment. ACB alleviates the burden in determining the proper disposal methodology, while providing an environmental liability defense from improper disposal.

Pick Up & Transportation Boston, MA

ACB can provide transportation of surplus electronic equipment in ACB-owned vehicles with ACB-employee drivers. Alternatively, a client can provide transportation to ACB’s facility in its own vehicles. In some cases, ACB arranges transportation through a third party. In all cases in which transportation is provided or arranged by ACB, vehicles and drivers are fully compliant with applicable state and US. DOT regulations.

ACB Transportation
ACB owns and operates two 26-foot “dry van” box vehicles. Under current regulations, no special permit or documentation is required to transport used electronic equipment in five of the six states where ACB now provides transportation services (Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New York). In the State of Maine, an EPA identification number is required, and a transporter of used CRTs must also provide a spill control plan and spill management materials on board each vehicle operating in the state. Maine also requires that each shipment that includes CRTs must be accompanied by a “Recyclable Hazardous Material Uniform Bill of Lading.” ACB is fully compliant with these State of Maine requirements.

Client Transportation

ACB will receive at its dock door materials that are brought to the ACB facility by clients or by third parties under contract to ACB clients. In this case it is incumbent on the generator to assure that vehicles and drivers are fully compliant with all permitting and licensing requirements, and that each shipment is accompanied by any required generator-supplied paperwork (such as the Maine Recyclable Hazardous Material Uniform Bill of Lading).

Recycling your Electronics in Boston!

Got some old electronics or appliances laying around the house? Dont let them be an eye sore and take up space. Come recycling them today at ACB Recovery and earn some immediate cash!

ACB Recovery Boston, MA

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